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Pandora Charms Rings uk Sale Outlet

Pandora Charms Sale Bracelet Rings 2015 Sale

Pandora Charms Sale Bracelet Rings 2015 Sale

Cheap Pandora Charms Uk Sale 2015

Introduction to Vietnamese Cuisine

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seafoodIf you walk into a reputable Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong the first thing you will immediately notice is it’s fragrance.

Fragrant elements play a pivotal role in this type of cooking. This is also a cuisine that has taken influences from the countries that surround it. One philosophy that is often followed is the use of a variety of spices; most meals contain all the following flavours – salty, spicy, sweet, bitter and sour. Producing a delicious dish is all about getting the balance of these five spices right. At Limewood beach restaurant we serve numerous Vietnamese dishes, so read on to discover more about this cuisine.

Famous Vietnamese Dishes

Vietnamese Summer Rolls – Summer rolls make a delicious snack and are ideal for the warm months because they are delicate and light. There are many different variations of this dish available, but the most common filling is shrimp.

Bun Tom Nuong Xa – This is lemongrass shrimp that is served over vegetables and rice vermicelli. You can swap the shrimp for meat if you would prefer. Simple yet full of flavour – representative of Vietnamese cooking as a whole.

Banh Mi – Banh Mi, which is basically a baguette, is one of the staple street foods in Vietnam. They are sold in small street side stalls, with an abundance of fillings to choose from.

Pho Bo – This is Hanoi Beef and Rice Noodle Soup. It contains beef oxtail and the likes of cinnamon, cloves, fish sauce, radish and fresh ginger. This creates the broth, which is both flavourful and fragrant. After this, vegetables are added, as well as fresh herbs, chillies and beef.

Bun Bo Nam Bo – This is beef on rice noodles. Fresh vermicelli noodles are topped with grilled sliced beef and finished off with fresh herbs and chopped peanuts. This dish features delicate flavours and delicious textures. It is often served with Nuoc Cham, which is a popular dipping sauce that contains chillies, unripe papaya and carrot.

Now you know about some of the most famous Vietnamese dishes. Here at Limewood in Repulse Bay we serve a selection of Vietnamese options. One of the most popular is the Vietnamese Crab Salad. This is a creamy and rich salad that contains a good dose of crab meat, mixed with toasted nuts, shishito pepper and coconut corn. The crunch of the nuts and the pepper kick contrast with the creaminess to create a dish with various layers. Another popular option with our diners is our Fish Tacos. This dish features pieces of fish that have been lightly deep fried and topped with hot pink Asian slaw. This is a real people pleaser.

Guide to Seafood

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From scallops to prawns, seafood is delicious and presents many health benefits too. However, knowing how to source seafood effectively is important. You also need to know how to cook such an ingredient. Limewood can be considered a BBQ restaurant as I am frequently cooking barbequed seafood-based dishes for our diners to enjoy. I know that if I do not time everything to precision or use the best ingredients then I will not create a delicious seafood dish. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover some tips for enjoying delicious seafood on the South side of Hong Kong.

seafoodDo A ‘Tap Test’ – When you buy the likes of live mussels, oysters and clams, the shell will close up when it is tapped. When purchasing, tap the shell and if it does not close you should select another batch instead.

Eat Local – It is always recommended to eat the local variety of a specific kind of fish instead of going for a different type from across the country or indeed the world. This does not only apply for fish that is in season. It is better to freeze local fish than go for something that has been transported via air. Not only is this detrimental in terms of freshness, but it will have a negative impact on the environment.

Consider Small Seafood – It is not a case of the bigger the better. You are advised to eat lower on the food chain if you want to reap the most health benefits. The likes of mussels, sardines, mackerel, oysters and squid contain a lot less mercury and are thus much better for the body.

Buying Frozen? – If so, there are some things you need to be mindful of, as you don’t want to purchase seafood that has thawed. You should avoid any packages that have signs of ice crystals or frost. This indicates that the seafood has been stored for a lengthy period of time or that it has thawed and been refrozen. Aside from this, don’t go for any seafood positioned top of the freezer case or above the frost line.

Now you know everything you need to about freshly cooked seafood. At Limewood beach restaurant we have many different seafood dishes for you to enjoy. This includes Daily Fresh Oysters, which are served with Calamansi, Ponzu, Scallion and Quail Egg. If you are looking for a unique combination, our Scallop and Banana Tartare is a recommended option, served with Sesame Seeds and Jalapeno Vinaigrette. We also have Spicy Tiger Prawn Roll with Prawn Sauce, Arugula and Avocado. If you are a fan of Thai food you may wish to go for our Deep Fried Whole Snapper Thai Style with Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, Scallion and Green Peppercorn. There are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Author – Russell Doctrove

Introduction to Thai Cuisine

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tom kha gaiThai food is famous all over the world. This unique cuisine is a blend of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences. The key component of every dish is harmony. The flavours and the ingredients need to be harmoniously combined for a Thai dish to be authentic. From Thai seafood restaurants to al fresco dining establishments, this is a type of cuisine that is served in many different places all over Hong Kong.

Famous Dishes You’ll Find On The Menu At A Thai Restaurant:

Tom Kha Gai – Most people that taste this soup describe it as the most refreshing dish they have ever had. It is sweet in flavour and unlike any other meal. In this dish, chicken is combined with galangal, coconut milk and lemongrass, and the results are amazing.

Geng Kheaw Wan Gai – For those who don’t speak Thai, this means Green Chicken Curry. This is a popular curry, which is enjoyed in many different locations. The dish is exciting and bursting with different spices and flavours. The bright green colour of the dish makes it stand out as well.

pad thaiPad Thai – This dish is known and loved all over the world. It doesn’t need an introduction, but I will give it one anyone. As Pad Thai is so popular, there have been an abundance of variations of this timeless classic. Generally, the dish includes noodles, tofu, onion, sprouts and ground peanuts. Traditionally, this is a diner-participation meal, which means you will add your own finishing touch. You will usually have the likes of crushed peanuts, chilli powder, sugar and fish sauce to choose from.

Massaman Curry – In Thai, Massaman means Muslim, and it is the Muslim community that has provided us with this flavoursome and hearty dish. The meat used is typically beef. However, there are no rules, and a lot of people go for either pork or chicken. This is served with a concoction of potatoes, coconut milk, tamarind sauce, cinnamon, sugar, bay leaves and roasted peanuts.

Tom Yam Goong – Not only does Tom Yam Goong taste exquisite, but also the aroma is to die for. The beautiful fragrance is a marriage of shallots, galangal, lime leaves and lemongrass. The dish also contains mushroom and jumbo shrimp to give it its substance, whilst fish sauce and chilli provide a great kick. This dish is unlike any other you will find, as it offers an unusual combination of sour and spicy hot. You can opt to have this as a starter or you could enjoy it as a main meal with rice as an accompaniment.

We have taken inspiration from Thai cuisine when putting together some of our dishes at Limewood. The Deep Fried Whole Snapper is a prime example of this. This dish is cooked with lemongrass, kaffir lime, scallion and green peppercorn. This is a light, delicate and refreshing dish, with the peppercorn adding some heat to the citrus flavours that complement snapper so beautifully.

Author – Matt Reid

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