Vietnamese Cuisine

Introduction to Vietnamese Cuisine

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seafoodIf you walk into a reputable Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong the first thing you will immediately notice is it’s fragrance.

Fragrant elements play a pivotal role in this type of cooking. This is also a cuisine that has taken influences from the countries that surround it. One philosophy that is often followed is the use of a variety of spices; most meals contain all the following flavours – salty, spicy, sweet, bitter and sour. Producing a delicious dish is all about getting the balance of these five spices right. At Limewood beach restaurant we serve numerous Vietnamese dishes, so read on to discover more about this cuisine.

Famous Vietnamese Dishes

Vietnamese Summer Rolls – Summer rolls make a delicious snack and are ideal for the warm months because they are delicate and light. There are many different variations of this dish available, but the most common filling is shrimp.

Bun Tom Nuong Xa – This is lemongrass shrimp that is served over vegetables and rice vermicelli. You can swap the shrimp for meat if you would prefer. Simple yet full of flavour – representative of Vietnamese cooking as a whole.

Banh Mi – Banh Mi, which is basically a baguette, is one of the staple street foods in Vietnam. They are sold in small street side stalls, with an abundance of fillings to choose from.

Pho Bo – This is Hanoi Beef and Rice Noodle Soup. It contains beef oxtail and the likes of cinnamon, cloves, fish sauce, radish and fresh ginger. This creates the broth, which is both flavourful and fragrant. After this, vegetables are added, as well as fresh herbs, chillies and beef.

Bun Bo Nam Bo – This is beef on rice noodles. Fresh vermicelli noodles are topped with grilled sliced beef and finished off with fresh herbs and chopped peanuts. This dish features delicate flavours and delicious textures. It is often served with Nuoc Cham, which is a popular dipping sauce that contains chillies, unripe papaya and carrot.

Now you know about some of the most famous Vietnamese dishes. Here at Limewood in Repulse Bay we serve a selection of Vietnamese options. One of the most popular is the Vietnamese Crab Salad. This is a creamy and rich salad that contains a good dose of crab meat, mixed with toasted nuts, shishito pepper and coconut corn. The crunch of the nuts and the pepper kick contrast with the creaminess to create a dish with various layers. Another popular option with our diners is our Fish Tacos. This dish features pieces of fish that have been lightly deep fried and topped with hot pink Asian slaw. This is a real people pleaser.